“If we can change the way that masculinity is understood and expressed, so many of the challenges facing the world today could be transformed.”

True Masculine is

➣A personal project

Our lives as men have the potential to be so much richer, more embodied, more playful, more connected, more meaningful, more focused, more joyful.

We offer programs and individual sessions for men where we learn to reconnect with our body, heart and mind; reinvigorate our relationships; reimagine how we live, work and play; restore our unique expression of integrity, purpose and creativity.

➣A community project

Men need the love, companionship and guidance of other men. Without it we can become depressed or destructive, obsessive or isolated.

We create spaces and forums where men can build meaningful community with other men, and practise our capacity to care for, encourage, uplift, challenge, mentor and be mentored by other men.

➣A global project

We support men to become better men, for the good of ourselves, of the women and children in our lives, of our communities, and all living beings on our planet.

By “better men” we mean men who are more balanced and healthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Men who are courageous and determined, as well as intuitive and relaxed. Men who are at peace with themselves, and from that foundation can be agents of peace in our increasingly fractured societies.