"Transforming the male culture in a workplace creates a wealth of benefits not only for the organization but for society as a whole."

True Masculine in the Workplace

Healthy, successful organisations need to be constantly adapting to shifts in the broader culture. The male-dominated systems of the past are no longer appropriate for the workplaces of the 21st Century. Those systems both denigrate women and limit their powerful contribution to organisational success, and also imprison men in a rigid, winner-take-all environment that is both unhealthy and unsustainable. While it is clear that these these male-dominated systems need to be replaced, the question is with what, and how do we get there?

Our Men at Work program is at the cutting edge of this transition. We  support the men in an organisation to embody new ways of being at work: new ways of thinking, acting and relating. Together we explore how men can have full agency without dominating, can be decisive without being dismissive, can bring clarity and direction while not losing connection and trust.

Transforming the male culture in a workplace creates a wealth of benefits for the organisation as a whole: drive, creativity and fulfillment increase as fear, competitiveness and mistrust wane.

Through our Men at Work program, organisations acquire the tools and practices they need to create a professional environment in which both women and men can flourish, and an inclusive, future-oriented culture that they can be proud of.