"We create spaces and forums where men can build meaningful community with other men."


We offer programs and trainings for men where we learn to:

  • Reconnect with our body, heart and mind
  • Reinvigorate our relationships
  • Reimagine how we live, work and play
  • Restore our unique expression of integrity, purpose and creativity.

Men’s work has been an integral part of the human development movement since the 1970s, in the form of ongoing men’s groups, drumming and talking circles, workshops, retreats, and conferences. We recognize that the programs we offer stand on the shoulders of all who have been (and still are) leading and participating in such work, and are immensely grateful for that.

The programs and trainings we offer at True Masculine provide men with an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to masculinity, centred around the core qualities of Strength, Sensitivity, Vulnerability, and Sexuality.

We teach participants MogaDao Qigong, which helps us to embody the deepest qualities of the true masculine (as well as the true feminine). We share in circle. We spend time in silence and reflection. We journal. We move deeply into a wide array of experiential exercises that illuminate what it is to live joyfully in the true masculine.

In our programs you can expect to:

  • Share with other men your thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, longings, guilt, shame, beauty, and potential, with an honesty and a depth that you may never have experienced before
  • Connect to yourself and to other men through your heart, unashamed of what that looks or feels like
  • Practice physical exercises that will help you embody energies in new and transformative ways
  • Become conscious of, and let go, the last vestiges of homophobia that, whether you are gay, bi, or straight, are impoverishing the full expression and enjoyment of your sexuality
  • Explore and share the incredible beauty and breadth of your masculinity, encompassing desires and actions that you may never have shared with another person before

Individual Sessions

While sharing in community with other men can have a profound impact on our lives, there are times when we may need the safety and privacy of an individual setting to work through some of our questions or challenges.

In our individual sessions, we offer our caring, undivided attention, supporting you to identify, explore and shift the patterns that might be holding you back from living a more joyful, fulfilled life. We create individual programs of study and practice designed to meet your needs.


  • Professional Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach


  • MogaDao Qigong
  • Meditation
  • Sacred Daoist Sexuality